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Hands down one of the best candles I have ever purchased. I would recommend these candles to any candle lover. They have the best scents and they burn slow so they last much longer then other candles I've purchased in the past. A Piece of Paradise is definitely my favorite go to scent. One candle fills my whole first floor. Great quality, Great Buy!

Leslie R.

These candles smell soo good and would last longer if I didn’t burn them ALL DAY EVERY DAY!! I need MORE because these are better then the ones they sell in stores.

Jake F.

I absolutely love your candles! I have purchased everyone of them. I thought I had a favorite but nope depending on my mood at that moment determines what candle I’ll be burning that day. 

L. Faulkner

The Wright Scent

Dear island breeze
 The day that I brought you, you’ve made me feel like I’m on an island at the Bahamas. You smell like Citrus, cherry, and a hit of peace of mind. Every time I light you up, I feel at peace
I don’t regret purchasing you 

Aicha S.